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Current 5 High End Concealer Favourites!

I literally love all these concealers for very different reasons. These are a combination of concealers that I use in my personal life and some that I use in my professional kit. Any time I use any concealer I always set with a small amount of translucent powder to prevent any movement, fading or creasing no matter what the formula is. It also helps to stop the dreaded panda eye where the warmth of the skin can cause the concealer to blend with the eyeliner, shadow and mascara and create a grey cast under the eye which is not Ideal! So…….In no particular order, here they are!

1) Clarins Instant concealer

If you have an issue with concealer creasing under your eyes then look no further! This is the only concealer I've found that is specifically formulated for under the eyes that doesn’t fade, run or look dry look after a few hours of wear time. I often use this product as a base for sometimes for other fuller coverage concealers. I find it helps them bond to the skin but only when more coverage is needed. I simply blend this under my eyes with the a Real Techniques Base Shadow brush or pat it on with my ring finger then softly blend it in with a damp Beauty Blender or other makeup sponge if you want it more sheer.

2) Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer

I travel with this one the most! Not only does this work fantastically as a concealer for the face it doubles as a foundation. You can either mix a little primer or moisturiser in with it or my favourite method is to take the product to the back of my hand to give it some warmth, then take a really damp beauty blender or sponge (I’ll list these below!) and lightly blend it over the skin concentrating on any areas of discolouration. Make sure you prime the skin first with this one as it is’s super pigmented and you don’t want it catching in any pores! Use a silicone free primer only with this one. I have found that silicone based primers react with this method and look too thick on the skin. If you only have a silicone primer just use your moisturiser. If you are looking for a silicone free primer try any one of the Laura Mercier primers.

3) Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

This one lives in my professional kit and has done for the last 13 years and no matter what it is i can cover it! This is a must for pigmentation, blemishes and any other discolouration on the face. It can be used around the eyes with caution as it is quite a dry product. Either mix with an eye cream or use it to amp up the coverage of other concealers. you only need the smallest amount! This camouflage is the longest wearing concealer I have found and the colour stays true. You get two colours in the palette so you can really mix up your right shade depending on your tan or area of the face you need to conceal

4) Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

The coverage is great! it illuminates and moisturises and doesn’t look cakey at all. If you have a dryer or more dehydrated skin then you will love this. It can be used on the face and under the eyes and is especially good to highlight areas on the face. When using to highlight you might want to go one shade lighter than your foundation but only use a small amount. When using under the eyes I like to use a very thin amount of the concealer first and let sit for a minute. I then apply a second layer concentrating from the inner corner of the eye where you are the darkest and blend out towards the centre of the eye avoiding any deep lines. Tap it in with your finger and the immediately set with a loose translucent setting powder or something brightening under the eye. This will hold it in place for much longer!

5) Mac Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

Another one that lives permanently in my professional kit. It’s a creamy consistency but not oily which means that it can be used any where on the face. You get six colours in each palette 2 of the studio finish corrector shades for colour correcting the eyes and 4 Studio Finish Concealers some in peach and some in olive tones for redness. You can highlight and contour to your hearts content. There are 4 palettes to choose from depending on your skin tone. Below are the colours listed in each palette for those that are familiar with mac colours. If the whole palette isn’t for you can simply purchase the colours individually if you only need one or two.

Light Pro Conceal & Correct Palette: Four Studio Finish Concealers - NC15, NW10, NC20 and NW20 - and two Studio Finish Corrector shades in Pale Yellow and Pale Pink...

Medium Pro Conceal & Correct Palette: Four Studio Finish Concealers - NC30, NW25, NC35, NW35 - and two Studio Finish Corrector shades in Mid-Yellow and Mid-Peach.

Medium/Deep Pro Conceal & Correct Palette Four Studio Finish Concealers - NC40, NW40, NC42, NW43 - and two Studio Finish Corrector shades in Rich Yellow and Burnt Coral

Dark Pro Conceal & Correct Palette Four Studio Finish Concealers - NC45, NW45, NC50, NW55 - and two Studio Finish Corrector shades in Ochre and Pure Orange

Tools you might need:

Real techniques Base shadow brush (only comes in a set)

Setting Powders:

Laura Mercier Loose Translucent setting powder

RCMA no colour Powder

Hourglass ambient lighting powders (Choose depending on skin tone)

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