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Makeup Wardrobing

What is Makeup Wardrobing?

Makeup Wardrobing is much like having a personal stylist for you clothing.

Create your look // Colours and Finishes that best suit your skin tone, texture, colouring and most importantly your personality.

You can learn some new tricks, create a new look with your existing products or start fresh, It's completely up to you!

Each session is completely unique.

This Class includes a digital face chart so you always have your look in the palm of your hand.

Easy to read descriptions and diagrams of how to use the products as well as unbiased product recommendations.

You can choose a one on one lesson or enjoy with a small group of friends.

Classes run for approx. 2hours

Basic class $225 Individual - $180pp for Small Groups

Colour Interpretation

Skin Analysis


Personalised Digital Face Chart

How To Use Products

Product Recommendations




Video Tutorial // $200

Makeup Purchasing // $50

Personal Shopping Experience // $100

*Prices in this section are to be added to the total price of the session. Products are not included.

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